Iowa Wild Kids: Our Family’s Adventures in the Beautiful Land

“If we can teach our children to honor nature’s gift, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.” -Jimmy Carter

When a city boy married a country girl, small town life initially sufficed as a compromise. As children came along, we felt confined by the boundaries of life in town and sought a life that was more quiet, free and connected to nature. An acre of mostly wooded land overlooking the Des Moines River Valley provided us with enough neighbors for companionship but enough privacy for our desire for solitude. Since moving, our kids have all but stopped asking to watch television, and getting them out of pajamas before heading outside to play is the new challenge. We are passionate about caring for and learning about the “beautiful land” we call home and inspiring other families to get outside and enjoy nature!


Meet Dad, Mom, Wiggle Worm, Ladybug and Dragonfly…Iowa born & raised and loving it. We are a family that loves living close to nature, getting dirty outside and exploring from the Missouri to the Mississippi and everywhere in between!

Dad: Reformed city boy who now owns work boots, a chainsaw and and a grove of native oaks and wouldn’t change it for anything. Still hates yard work.

Mom: Grew up roaming the woods & waterways of eastern Iowa and loves learning about Iowa’s ecological past and introducing the little ones to the wonders of Iowa. Thankfully loves yard work.

Wiggle Worm: Our little gardener who loves getting her green thumb dirty; her perfect afternoon is spent in the hammock with her bare feet up and a good book.

Ladybug: This tiny, wise soul would live outside if we let her, loves calling owls in at night and listening to the rain in the trees

Dragonfly: So far just along for the ride…