Get Into Parks!



I’ve made my kids a promise this summer…a visit to a different park every week. We had cousins spending a few days with us, so all the more reason for some extra fun…so before 8:00 AM we were off with five kids in pajamas en route to the grocery store and the car just happened to turn left to visit a tiny town square park that’s nothing special, but it has swings…and that was enough!


We’ve also made some efforts to get out into our county parks and take advantage of the organized programs the County Conservation Boards in our area. Recently, we attended a family archery shoot and a learn to fish program. Both were a hit for our kids, cousins and friends!


The archery shoot was sponsored by our County Conservation Board and led by Emily Klein. She instructed the kids on safety and proper form before letting each have a turn. She had various sized bows for left and right hands, and we were surprised to learn that Lady Bug is a left handed shooter! Her tiny arms needed my help steading the bow. Wiggle Worm, our resident expert on everything, didn’t need any help at all. She was quite proud when she hit the target twice in a row! (I was pretty proud, too.)


Our County Conservation Board and local park rangers are also hosting park programs in the city parks every Tuesday evening. This week’s program was on fishing and was taught by Ameircorp volunteer Anna. Just Lady Bug, Dragonfly and I attended and learned how to tie a fisherman’s knot, practiced our casting, and learned about important fishing tools to have in our tackle box. Each of the kids in attendance got to take home a fishing kit with a ruler, bobbers, and Fish Iowa! stickers, ruler and brochure.


Find your County Conservation Board’s website and see what programs are available in your area! Here are a few of our favorites:

Polk County Conservation: Princess in the Park, Nature Playdate, Creek Stop, Nature Story Hour

Clayton County Conservation: Junior Naturalist Program

Scott County Conservation: Pioneer Life, Pop Bottle Rockets, Junior Naturalist Camp,


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