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Nearly a third of all the species found in Iowa are considered to be in need of conservation to protect them from declining further into eventual threatened or endangered status. Those Species of Greatest Conservation Need were found in all terrestrial and aquatic habitats in Iowa.”


Pretty daunting words, as that outlook was delivered. It came as biologists, conservation leaders and outdoor enthusiasts were updating Iowa’s Wildlife Action Plan; a key element within the Teaming With Wildlife Coalition.

Teaming With Wildlife was established in the mid 1990s to address a long-standing funding disparity in fish and wildlife conservation. Although fish and wildlife are held in the public trust by the states for all citizens; hunters and anglers (who pay excise taxes on their equipment purchases) bear a disproportionate burden of the funding. Teaming With Wildlife seeks to correct this imbalance by advocating for needed funding such as the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Programs.

To date, 6300 organizations and businesses nationwide–representing millions of birders, hikers, campers, hunters, shooters and anglers–have joined the TWW Coalition to support funding for wildlife conservation, education and nature-based recreation. Iowa has ranked in the top 10 states through that period. TWW is one of the largest and most diverse coalitions ever assembled to support conservation.

Recently, the Iowa Wildlife Federation has agreed to take on a co-leadership role for the coalition alongside the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. IWF will be responsible for communicating with our outdoor-based organizations, businesses, professional biologists and other members who value the outdoors and want to ensure sufficient funding is available to protect and enhance those wild places and populations which are not hunted, fished or which are not endangered or threatened.

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By clicking send I hereby endorse Teaming with Wildlife. Our group is delighted to join the National Coalition and support funding dedicated to fish and wildlife conservation, outdoor recreation and conservation education in every state. Teaming with Wildlife is our natural investment in a future teeming with wildlife!



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