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Want to get involved? We need help as we work to get kids—and their families—outdoors. We are at weekend festivals, a fishing derby or two, a Pelican Festival this September. We plan a deer season kickoff, too. In November, we are co-sponsoring something new; a Faith & Our Environment Forum.

In between the ‘get outside’ stuff, we are pushing for a strong conservation title in the next Farm Bill, protection for Arctic waterfowl and shorebirds which migrate through Iowa…and a scientific approach to managing Iowa’s deer, pheasants, doves and other species; activities which generate tens of millions of dollars into the Iowa economy each year.

You can see on the membership form where to let us know if YOU want to be notified about issues that concern you. We will contact you—letting you know what’s up and who you can contact to get results; to promote our outdoors.

P. O. Box 3332, Des Moines, IA 50316

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