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Mission & Vision

Iowa Wildlife Federation

In 1952, a loose coalition of outdoor sports groups came together to establish the Iowa Wildlife Federation. Since our beginning, six decades ago, we have been about the outdoors…and education.

A statewide, membership-based non-profit organization; we recognize the importance of wild places and how they enhance our lives. We might enjoy them through hunting, fishing, wildlife watching or just exploring under rocks in a stream.

Even members who don’t get outside much recognize that Iowa’s grasslands, wetlands and woodlands clean our water, improve our air quality and create a natural world that sometimes ‘patches up’ the human induced ‘progress’ which blesses and curses us today.

You may not disappear in the woods each fall to scout for and hunt trophy whitetails, but you will understand that hunting and fishing provide tens of millions of dollars in excise taxes and fees from those outdoor Iowans to directly enhance and preserve our wild populations and places….not to mention the thousands of Iowa jobs they create.

Click through our website. Find something that interests you. Then tell us about it. We’d love to hear what you have to say.


Iowa Wildlife Federation Mission Statement:
The mission of the Iowa Wildlife Federation is to inspire Iowans to protect our wildlife and habitat.

Iowa Wildlife Federation Vision Statement:
We envision an Iowa with abundant wildlife, well-managed public and private lands, clean water and healthy soils that can be enjoyed by current and future generations through a multitude of outdoor recreational pursuits, including hunting, fishing and wildlife watching.

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