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Fall Mushrooms

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.

Sul Chicken Ash 8-16-2013


Looking for something to do this weekend?  You might want to hit the nearest woodland for some fall mushroom hunting.  Yea, I know what the date is; but in spite of all that I’m beginning to discover some young and succulent Chicken-of-the-Woods [sulfur] mushrooms.  Just emerged and still growing by the second, the mushrooms are soft, tender, and incredibly delicious — simply out of this world.  I’ve been slicing them thin and then flash frying or using slices to make spinach & mushroom omelets — a sensational breakfast treat that is guaranteed to get anyone’s day off to a roaring start.  Whenever someone asks me which I like best, spring morels or the fall mushroom varieties, I have a pat answer — “Too early to say — Will require a lot more research.”

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