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December Snowstorm

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.

1 Dec snowstorm 2015

Today’s magnificent snowstorm delivered the kind of weather I wait all year for.  The noisy crusted over snow was quickly buried, the woods became completely silent again, and the landscape soon resembled an upside down Christmas globe on steroids.  Best of all, resident white-tails were on the move.  With three unused deer tags still in my pocket, I didn’t hesitate for a moment when a plump button buck offered a clean 15-yard shot.  My new Blood Brother longbow [crafted by NE Iowa’s Scott Rentschler ]sent the cedar arrow [made by Larry Meggers] straight to and through the Boiler Room.  The surprised deer bucked, bolted, and then snow plowed into the ground 6 or 7 seconds later.  We love venison and I usually like to let the carcass age for at least a week or so.  But this spectacular late December storm had me too revved up to wait.  Today, I only let the choice cuts age for about two hours before sending them to the kitchen.  The evening meal was simple but delicious!           2  Dec snowstorm

3  Button Buck 12-28-15

4 Fresh Backstrap 12-28-15


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