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Early Education

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.


Human preschool students are not the only recipients of early education.  The attached photo provides a good example.  The breeze was swirling and, although she caught my scent, this white-tail doe could not pinpoint my exact location.  Her reaction was one that every bow hunter has witnessed far too often — the dreaded foot stomp.  A nearby set of twin fawns had Early Education  6-12-13been nonchalantly nibbling on some browse.  But when the doe began her foot stomping routine, they immediately came to attention.  One of the fawns [photo] trotted over and stared intently at Mom’s stomping leg.  In human terms, it appeared as if the fawn was thinking “show me one more time how it’s done”.  A couple of seconds after this shot was taken, all three deer tore off into a thicker part of the woods.  It’s no wonder these incredible game animals become so cagey when they get older.  For Iowa white-tails, survival training literally starts at birth.

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