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Foggy Morning

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.

Foggy Morning -Gobbler & Jake 3-28-18


Today’s forecast called for mostly sunny skies.  With temperatures hovering at 16-degrees, the partially open wetland where I’d seen quite a few ducks yesterday would now be reduced to an airhole or two; birds would be concentrated – good place to put a photo blind.  I had almost reached the marsh when a frog strangling fog descended on the land.  The deepest the snow cover makes the heavier the fog, and this stuff was dense.  Arriving at the pond, I probably couldn’t see 50 yards past the road.  Not good, especially since I didn’t know for sure if there was even any open water left. 

Switching gears, I decided to look for turkeys.  My call was already in the truck and it was still plenty early.  The woodland I had in mind was only a couple of miles away.  Although the early gobbling was less than I had hoped, turkeys came off the roost in good time and were pleasingly active.  Attached are photos of a two-year-old tom and his Super Jake buddy.  You hear a lot of theories about the so called ‘Super Jakes’.  What they really are are very early hatches that experienced a more complete tail molt than what is average for first year birds.  Looking at the photos, I noticed that both birds have already broomed the tips off their primaries.  That takes a lot of struttin’ in winter snow.

 Foggy Morning- 'Super Jake' 3-28-18

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