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Is Anyone in There?

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.

Is Anyone In There


A couple more steps, and I would have had this six-pointer inside the blind with me.  I’m experimenting with a new deer call.  I switched to a Primos last week, and have been having some really good responses from smaller bucks.  [I’d love try it out on some big bucks too, but can’t seem to locate one!]  Anyway, the Primos call has a little different pitch than the True Talker and seems to give smaller bucks more confidence and, in a couple of cases at least, has even incited some mild aggression.  So far this month, I’ve had a number of close encounters with button and 1 1/2-year-old bucks.  Have also had a couple of “shooters” come close, including one very wide, very symmetrical  ten-pointer that walked by at ten paces — posturing, all bristled up, ears laid back.  Although I was more than ready to shoot, the buck never stopped walking until the opportunity had passed.  That’s deer hunting, I guess.  For now, I’m still passing on small bucks.  But once Thanksgiving is past — they had better watch out.  We love venison and once Thanksgiving is over, my ‘deer hunting standard’ falls like a cannon ball dropped from a shot tower.

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