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Pheasant’s Last Kick

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.

3  Kung Pao Phea  2-26-14


It was my turn to cook — So for last night’s dinner, I decided to fix a ‘standard batch’ of Kung Pao Pheasant.  Just about the time everything was ready, I discovered a lone thigh hiding behind a group of oranges.  Don’t know how it ended up there, but I decided to teach that fugitive leg a lesson.  2  Cayenne & Phea Thigh

Tossing the thigh into the red hot wok, I used all the oil from two large cayennes to season that single piece of meat.  After giving the leg a good searing on both sides, I added it to the rest of the batch and we dug in.  The marriage of ring-neck and cayenne was spectacular.  All I can say is that that pheasant leg ended up getting in one last kick — delicious!


1  Kung Pao

Recipe Tip:  At the end of each summer, Steve Schutte [C398 Retired] presents me with around 200 of his world famous, homegrown cayennes.  Cayennes are my very favorite pepper for seasoning most pheasant dishes.  They are consistently predictable and never fail to add as much flavor as they do heat.  Cayennes come into their greatest glory when used to season Asian dishes.  Use as much or as little as your taste dictates.  If you’re not already incorporating cayenne peppers into your favorite pheasant recipes, you should definitely give them a try.  The combination of flavors is just too good to keep apart.

4  Kung Pao Phea

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