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Ten Bucks

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.

Ten Bucks  8-22-2014

The attached photo is my idea of the ‘Perfect Ten’.  The scene occurred Friday afternoon near the north border of Wind Cave National Park.  While driving the backroads I spotted the horns of two nice pronghorns protruding above the top of a prairie ridgeline.  Parking the truck and grabbing the camera, I began the stalk; slowly moving toward the top of the ridge.  By the time I got to the top, the antelope were gone.  Backing off, I moved down a ways and then moved back to the top.  Peering over the ridge, I spotted the animals which had now joined up with another pair of bucks.  Hoping to get closer, I moved father down the ridge.  When I popped over the top again, I couldn’t believe it.  Instead of four, there were now ten pronghorns; all bucks.  The speed goats kept moving with the herd constantly shifting its shape.  I took several photos before the herd finally moved to where I could get all ten bucks into one frame.  Two miles farther down the valley, a herd containing more than 30 does and kids grazed along a steep hillside.  As I walked back to the truck, an adult golden eagle soared over the short grass prairie.

Golden Eagle


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