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Woodland Encounters

Photography courtesy of Lowell Washburn, all rights reserved.


3  doe & gooseberry

The possibility of hearing and seeing wild turkeys is one of the best excuses I know for making predawn visits to the spring woodlands.  If you happen to carrying a valid turkey tag, well then so much the better.  The daily shows begin at the first hint of light as eager gobblers sound off from the roost.  As the chorus escalates, birds are soon hitting the ground to make their best attempt at impressing nearby hens.  As the season advances, the show gets better with each passing day — not just for turkeys but for other wildlife as well.  New bird migrants are beginning to arrive in larger numbers while — energized by emerging green food sources — resident wildlife species seem more active than ever.


4 Squirrel on vine

6 Spring traveler

Gooseberry bushes have been in full bloom during the past week and foraging bumblebees aren’t the only species taking advantage of the nectar rich flowers.  White-tailed deer seem especially fond of the gooseberry’s tender white flowers.  Wondering what they tasted like to a deer, I decided to try a handful for myself.  Surprising mild and surprisingly tasty, one handful wasn’t enough.  I began grazing down a bush or two for myself.  If you’ve never sampled gooseberry flowers for yourself, I suggest you give it a try.  Attached are photos of some recent woodland encounters.

2 Hen @ 8 feet

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